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Rules and Regulations
National Pageant, July 24-30, 2023

By registering to take part in the US American Miss National Pageant, you are recognizing, accepting and agreeing that you have read the below rules and regulations and agree to abide. Your participation is your acknowledgement that you agree to all the rules and regulations set forth below.

  • US American Miss reserves the right to change the date, location, and competition details of the national pageant at its discretion.

  • All monies paid to US American Miss are non-refundable and non-transferable. No refunds are provided for any reason including, but not limited to, payments made on behalf of the delegate by advertisers and sponsors and any and all fees paid to US American Miss by delegates, supporters, sponsors, or advertisers.

  • In the event that you withdrawal from US American Miss Nationals, you will not receive any gifts/items from Sponsors and/or items/products listed within the competition fee.

  • Any bounced checks received from delegate or any of delegate's supporters, sponsors or advertisers will incur a NSF fee of $35.

  • State and/or regional pageants are independently operated and produced by the individual state director(s). The National Office of US American Miss as well as the executive director, its officers, agents, employees and staff, are not responsible for payments made to director(s) of state and/or regional pageant(s). Consequently any gifts, awards or prizes forfeited by state and/or regional director or sponsors is not the responsibility of the National Office of US American Miss as well as the executive director, its officers, agents employees, and staff.

  • Registering to represent your state or regional title is a promise and commitment to attend the National Pageant Finals and you are assuming all responsibility for payment of all pageant fees, inclusive of all payment and paperwork submission deadlines as established by the US American Miss National Office.

  • Delegates and their parents agree to show sportsman-like behavior during and after the national pageant. Any person(s) found in violation of this will not be allowed to compete with US American Miss in any further competitions.

  • Delegates and their parents/guardians understand and agree that judges decisions are final.

  • Delegates that are crowned National Royalty at the national pageant will be required to sign a national titleholders contract, which is inclusive of a no-compete clause for any other pageant system. Nationals Titleholders also agree to return to the following national pageant to crown their successor.

  • Payment of the National Titleholders cash scholarship will be paid at fifty percent (50%) upon signing the official US American Miss National Titleholder Contract, with the remaining fifty percent (50%) being paid upon the successful completion of their reign.

  • Delegates and their parents/guardians hereby give permission for any and all photographs, videos, and/or audio files to be used for promotional and publicity purposes in print media and social media as well as the internet.

  • US American Miss is not liable or responsible for any prizes forfeited by sponsors.

  • All outstanding balances must be paid in full in order to compete at the national pageant. Delegates will not receive production wardrobe, tickets, passes, etc. until payment is made in full of any outstanding balance.

  • Delegates and their parents/guardians hereby release and forever discharge US American Miss, LLC, its directors, employees, volunteers and staff from any and all claims and demands arising from damages or liabilities due to theft, accident, loss or injury resulting from participation in the US American Miss National Scholarship Pageant.

  • All delegates and their parents/guardians further covenant and agree not to sue the organization, its directors individually, its' employees, volunteers or staff for any claim or damages or liability.


Rules determining eligibility:


  • All delegates must be of good standing, good moral character, and never posed nude in any form of media.

  • All delegates (Jr. Princess through Miss divisions) must be a natural born female, never married and never been pregnant or had a child.

  • All delegates (Ms. division) must be a natural born female.

  • All delegates must be a minimum age of 5 as of June 1 during that year of the national pageant.

  • All delegates must reside in and be a citizen of the United States.

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