GIRLS of Excellence 


Introducing G-I-R-L-S of Excellence where we promote excellence in all we do!  I am Stef Edwards Williams, the Founder and Executive Director.  Our awesome Team DMV consists of Barbara Crump, Production Leads, Kennedy Williams, Takisha Edwards, Alex Lainez and Sylvia Swinson.


Family, Friendship and Rewarding Pageant Experience are the foundation of who we are.  Our Pageant Staff is dedicated to ensuring that each delegate feels welcomed, appreciated and prepared for pageant systems we are dedicated to.  


Our years in the pageant industry have been nothing short of amazing. I had the honor of being named #3 of the 5 Top Pageant State Directors of 2017 by Pageant Planet for a pageant system I was involved in. Team Maryland will continue to uplift all young ladies who cross our path and grace our stages in the pageant industry.