GIRLS of Excellence Scholarship Pageant

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Introducing Maryland G-I-R-L-S of Excellence Scholarship Pageant where we promote excellence in all we do!  I am Stef Edwards Williams, the Founder and Executive Director.  We are proud to sponsor the USA National Miss Maryland Pageant, where I am also the State Director.  Our awesome team consists of Co-Director, Barbara Crump, Production Leads, Kennedy Williams and Shanita Swann.


I invite you to join our USA National Miss Maryland Family, where Family, Friendship and Positive Pageantry are the foundation of who we are.  Our Pageant Staff is dedicated to ensuring that each delegate feels welcomed, appreciated and prepared for the pageant.  


USA National Miss is an outstanding organization that has gained the top honors of being named Top 10 National Pageant in America for two years in a row by The Pageant Planet and Prestige Pageantry.   Our National Director, Jackie B. Watson was also named Top 10 National Director for two years in a row.  I had the honor of being named #3 of the 5 Top Pageant State Directors of 2017 by Pageant Planet. UNM has received various awards and recognitions over the years!  It would be my honor to welcome you into the Family.